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Virus Fears Going Viral

Today the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the coronavirus, COVID-19, is a global pandemic. That sounds bad, but what does it mean?According to Dr. Anthony Fauci (as quoted in USA Today) a pandemic is a global outbreak of a serious new illness that requires "sustained transmission throughout the world." He should know because this is his field of expertise as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. He hastened to assure us all that, although most people think of the flu pandemic of 1918 with its high rates of infection and death, this is not necessarily the case in every pandemic.

So the idea of a global pandemic is frightening to many people, but to quote Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the WHO, "We cannot say this loudly enough, or clearly enough, or often enough: all countries can still change the course of this pandemic." In other words, things do not have to be as dire as 1918, or even as people think they will be. Despite confusion, contradictions, and inaction in the American federal government, state and local governments are doing the right things. Countries outside the US are taking appropriate action. Individuals have received instruction to wash their hands (do we really need to be told?) and use hand sanitizer and follow other reasonable steps. Following these instructions will make a big difference, but individuals are still full of fear. Please do not be embarrassed if you are frightened or anxious, this is a new situation and not a pleasant one.

This blog is about hypnotherapy, not really about coronavirus at all. However, I know that hypnotherapy can help people who are frightened and anxious whatever the cause. I know that, even with facts and instructions, people might need help to relax and shake the feelings of dread and worry. I know that hypnosis can help. It's one of the main reasons individuals seek out a hypnotherapist, more than almost any reason actually if you look at the world as a whole.

Now, I know that many readers are wondering if I am actually inviting everyone into my physical office for face-to-face sessions, but I am not. It seems that more people who are already anxious about the virus would prefer to stay home, and some are quarantined due to contact with an infected person. You might be home with kids who can't go to school due to schools being closed, so an appointment out of the house would be difficult.

Therefore, from today and until the end of the situation, I am offering online sessions at 25% off the regular price. In order to claim the discount and make an appointment, please email me at or call/text 703-385-9311. If you are calling or texting and you would like a quick reply, please remember that I am on the East Coast of the US. I look forward to speaking with you soon and working together.


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