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Unstuff Yourself: Finding Joy on the Road to Wellness


What is the "stuff" that is holding you back or making you sick?  How can you loosen and remove it?  Where does Joy figure into the equation and how do you find it?  For the answers to these and other questions, READ THIS BOOK.

Paperback, 204 pages.  $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

Beyond Disability


This ground-breaking book offers insight into the meaning and experience of disability. Dr. Barwick wrote this book while she was dealing with a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy and working as a therapist.


Paperback, 105 pages, Large print.  $15 plus $3 shipping and handling.

Beyond Disability Book and CD Set


The book and CD will allow you to address many of the issues around a disability in the comfort of your own home. The CD contains the four hypnosis sessions in the book.


Book and CD are $20 plus $4 shipping and handling.

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