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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a relatively common condition which is increasing.  According to medical sources, it afflicts approximately one-third of women over the age of menopause and a number of men as well.  It is characterized by any combination of symptoms: gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and cramping are the most common.  Sometimes it is affected by diet, with gluten sensitivity affecting about 50% of individuals.  Sometimes there is no discernible cause for an episode.  Some people are so severely affected that they cannot leave their homes, others are able to go about their daily lives with some restrictions.  There is no medical cure and there are few treatments available.

Hypnotherapy for IBS has been used successfully for many years.  One of the pioneers of this work, Dr. Melissa Roth, has created a comprehensive program which is available through this practice.  Depending on the client’s needs, based on symptoms and severity among other considerations, specific sessions will be used to address each issue.  It works extremely well, in fact many of Dr. Nancie’s clients were able to resume completely normal lives.

The reason hypnotherapy works so well with this particular medical problem is that the action of the gut is under the control of the unconscious mind.  Clearly the conscious mind does not control it or these issues would not exist, but most people have had the experience of our emotions (controlled by the unconscious mind) causing intestinal issues in times of extreme stress.  By teaching the unconscious mind what we want our digestion to be, many of these symptoms can be remedied.  So, in a deeply relaxed state, where the individual is more able to be in contact with the unconscious mind, the changes can take place.  In this protocol, we do ask that the client listen to the recording every day to reinforce for the unconscious mind what it is being asked to do.

Because hypnotherapy for IBS is interactive and very individual, it is only available live online or in person.  However, you may find some relief from the individualized recordings for stress or pain management, among others.  You will find those available under the General Hypnotherapy heading.

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