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Habit Control

Habits can be beneficial, such as eating healthy foods or keeping important papers in a specific place.  They can also be detrimental or unhelpful, such as biting nails, chewing hair, or putting things all over the house in such a way that they are difficult to find when needed.  Whether benefits or detrimental, habits are created and maintained in the unconscious mind.  For this reason, hypnotherapy is a great choice if a person wants to change or remove a habit.

the job of the unconscious mind is to help us win everything we do.  Clearly, then, our habits were created in an attempt to do just that.  since the unconscious mind wants to help, and the habits are not helping, it’s most likely that the unconscious mind will be amenable to change once it understands that its attempt did no work as well as it hoped.

In a deeply relaxed state, it is easy to work with the unconscious mind.  Change can be very quick, at times instantaneous, and extremely easy.  When you relax, whether with a recording or a video session or even a live session (Online or in the office) we can give your unconscious mind the information and instructions it needs to change or remove unwanted habits easily and quickly.

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