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for Children

Children are not just very young adults, they are developing at their own pace and in their own way.  Their understanding of the world and their interactions with it are different, and they continue to develop sophistication in these areas as well.  Every parent knows that their child reacts differently at different ages and stages of development, even to the exact same situation.

Sometimes, as children grow, they can develop behaviors or feelings that are of concern to the adults who love them.  This can be because the actual behaviors are troubling or because the child is having difficulties dealing with situations such as sports or tests at school.  Children often have fears or anxieties that can make them very uncomfortable.  While they may outgrow some of these fears, or the adults in the family can help with others, some really do require more help.

Because children are a special group of people, a hypnotherapist can work with them differently that with an adult.  Children slip easily into a relaxed or trance-like state when they are playing or drawing or listening to stories.   Therefore, Dr. Nancie will use those situations to help her young clients’ unconscious minds solve the problems.  Specially crafted stories help children find new ways of doing things or new understandings that will alleviate their fears.  Children can often change a troubling behavior or a deep-seated fear in one simple, pleasant session.  Even preschoolers can be helped with hypnotherapy.

As a mother and grandmother, as well as a very highly educated and trained hypnotherapist, Dr. Nancie helps children feel comfortable with her and they generally enjoy their visits.

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