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One of the most frequent reasons people see a hypnotherapist is to quit smoking.  This is probably because it is easily the most effective, quickest methods of smoking cessation available.  The success rate is approximately 85% which is incredible when you consider that medications boast of a success rate of 15% overall.  This is because cigarettes, while having a physical addiction aspect, are even more psychologically addictive.  The research indicates that the physical addiction is gone in 72 hours but the psychological addiction takes longer for most people.  Hypnosis can cut the psychological addiction out and reduce the discomfort of any physical addiction significantly.  Many hypnosis clients report no symptoms whatsoever.

Some people think they smoke “too much, too long” to quit easily, but that is not the case with hypnotherapy.  There really is no correlation between the amount a person smoked before choosing to quit with hypnosis, or how many years they smoked, and how quickly and easily they quit.  A man who smoked three packs a day for 30 years and his wife who smoked two packs for the same amount of time quit after their first individual sessions.  They are not unusual, just memorably happy with the results.

In addition to being quick and effective, hypnotherapy is also the least costly way to quit smoking.  Prescription medications and over-the-counter products can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars of the lengthy times involved, but the average person who quits smoking with hypnosis spends only a fraction of that.  Hypnosis clients can begin to enjoy the financial benefits of quitting smoking right away.

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