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Mental Health

Hypnotherapy can be successfully used in many areas that we usually call “mental health” such as worry, fear, stress, and much more.  It can also be used in conjunction with other mental health services where appropriate.  It is not generally appropriate in situations such as schizophrenia or active psychosis. On occasion, it is appropriate in individual situations with the approval of and in collaboration with the individual’s psychiatrist or doctor.

Having said all that, most people who are experiencing stress, worry (sometimes called anxiety) or fears (sometimes called phobias) can use hypnotherapy with excellent results.  Because the unconscious mind creates our fears and worries, hypnotherapy is a great way to address them because that’s where it does its job.  Stress is often the result of an overactive imagination thinking about a situation in which the individual finds himself or herself.  Hypnotherapy uses the imagination in a healthier way to address the stress as well as its cause.

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