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While You Have The Time

So many of us are at home right now, either working or staying home to protect the most vulnerable among us. First, congratulations of being so responsible.. You are stopping the spread of the pandemic. Second, you're being productive in doing your job or teaching your kids or just keeping your living space clean and checking in with vulnerable friends and family members.

You've probably got plenty of time apart from those worthwhile activities, time you spend bingeing on TV or movies. I would like to suggest something else you could do. You could work on issues you have been wanting to address for a while now, but have been so busy that you didn't do it. Maybe you want to quit smoking (nonsmokers do better with any respiratory condition or illness, by the way) or change your attitude toward food or change another habit. Maybe you want to stop obsessing over a past love or stop other obsessive thoughts. Maybe your child has an anxiety issue or other concern. Maybe, instead of an older issue, the current situation has you worried and obsessively listening to the news.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can be done easily and comfortably in the security of your own home. Newer technologies like Skype or even Facetime or similar platforms work really well. Due to the current situation, people are taking advantage of this in greater numbers than ever before.

So, what I have I decided to do? I decided a week ago to reduce the fee for online hypnotherapy 25% from $200 to $150 for the duration. Because smoking is such a significant risk factor for those who develop illness from the novel coronavirus that we are seeing now, I felt like I needed to do more. From today, I am reducing the fee for hypnotherapy

to quit smoking even further. The new fee is $100 (a savings of 50%) and includes everything it normally does, including a follow-up. Please let me know if you are out of work or a front-line essential worker such as a nurse or grocery-store employee. I would be honored to work with your schedule.


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