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Transgender Issues

Personal Mission Statement

On the surface, I seem like an unlikely person to be teaching about transgender issues.  (I present as: female, cisgender*, heterosexual, married, mother, grandmother.)


What many people don’t know is that one of my two children, my younger daughter Rebecca, is transgender.  I supported her need to transition, even if it meant giving up the privileges that come with being a white male in our society.  I also witness the courage it takes for her to be her authentic self in all situations – no matter what others may say or do.  As parents, my husband and I adjusted, adapted and honor her choice.


I’m a therapist, author, and teacher.  That’s my authentic self.  I intend to use those traits/skills to help make the world one in which Rebecca and my clients and everyone else can feel safe to live their lives.


As a therapist I help ease the transition for others and create a safe world for those in need.  Even before Rebecca came out as trans, I worked with LGBTQ individuals on many issues, including helping some people make the transition.  I learned a great deal from those brave souls, which has helped me to develop my understanding of transgender people and how to work with them and their families, partners, co-workers etc..


*Cisgender = (a person whose identified gender matches their perceived gender, someone who is not transgender but who may experience any sexual orientation)

My Understanding Trans online course – designed to help those in the larger community especially those in the helping professions such as the medical and therapy fields, develops the knowledge and comfort level necessary to provide service to those in the transgender community. My daughter Rebecca is my partner in this endeavor.

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