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There's an old Yiddish curse that goes. "May You Live In Interesting Times" and we certainly do. In America we are exposed to daily threats against various individuals and groups, increasing lawlessness, hate, corruption, and lies. It's enough to concern anyone. In this age of social media and 24-hour news we see every ugly detail discussed to death For many people, finding out that their own family and friends don't agree with them on basic issues and values can be traumatic.

It is legitimate to ask how we can take care of ourselves in trying times so that we can make rational decisions about how to react. By now you can probably guess what I'm going to say, and yes, hypnotherapy can be very helpful. Naturally, hypnotherapy is used for stress relief, it's one on the biggest reasons my clients come to see me. Living in "interesting" times can cause stress, hence the curse.

In addition to general stress, there are people in our society who have more reason to feel fear than they used to. Certainly immigrants, members of the LGBT+ community, and Americans who are members of certain minority communities have been targeted and threatened. Members of these communities can be helped to continue to live well through hypnosis. I'm not suggesting that they can use hypnosis to not notice things that are said and done in the political world, and I'm not saying that they can be made to be OK with injustice, those would be bad things. What I am suggesting is that people can be helped to choose a wise, safe course of action when they are not paralyzed by fear and anger.

As well as the fear created by verbal insults and political action, there has been a documented increase in hate crimes since 2016. It is now more likely than ever that anyone may have been a victim of or witness to such a crime. The trauma this can cause can and should be addressed through hypnotherapy, while the actual crime is dealt with in more draconian ways. People who have been injured may also need pain management help and hypnotherapy can be a good option for that.

As a hypnotherapist, I feel that it is my responsibility to help as much as I can to turn the curse of "interesting" times into the promise of a bright future for my clients. Call me today at 703-385-9311 or use the Book Now button on Facebook posts or through my website Let's get started TODAY!


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