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A Weighty Issue

In this, the second in an ongoing series about some of the more popular reasons that people visit a hypnotherapist, we will explore the issue of weight management. It is one of the things I am asked about when people find out I am a hypnotherapist.

First of all, weight is not just about eating and it's not just about exercise. Very often it's also about feelings and history and a whole lot of other things. It's also not about having a body of a specific size to please anyone else. It's about treating ourselves and our bodies well fo that we can live our best life and be healthy.

Naturally, one of the best ways to take care of our body is to feed it properly. Hypnosis can help a person make great choices about what to eat and how much to eat and even when to eat. A hypnotherapist can help convince your unconscious mind that these choices are what you want and that makes the choosing easier. The good news is that you will enjoy your meals so much more when you are feeding your body right.

Another good way to take care of your body is exercise. That does NOT mean going to the gym several times a week, running endless miles on a treadmill, doing thousands of sit-ups, or doing anything else specifically. It is so much easier to exercise if it doesn't feel like a chore, so one of the things I like to do with my clients is to explore any forms of physical exercise they have ever enjoyed. We brainstorm about ways to get that fun now, and before they know it they are getting plenty of exercise.

As I mentioned, weight is often about more than diet and exercise. It is part of the art of the hypnotherapist to help people deal with whatever issues could hold them back from achieving the healthy body and fulfilling life they desire and deserve. there are as many ways to sabotage oneself as there are people trying to make changes, so working with a good hypnotherapist is invaluable.

Over the course of my more than 24 years as a hypnotherapist, I have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people manage their weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It's one of the more fulfilling types of sessions I get to do, because people are generally so successful and happy with the results. So, you can get a recording to help you get started at or, if you would like to work more directly with me, go to the website, and choose an individualized audio recording, individualized video recording, or online realtime session. If you are in the general area

of Northern Virginia, you can choose an in-person session. Let's get to work!


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