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Vape? Nope!

Vaping, the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) instead of regular paper ones, has been touted as a safer and "cooler" alternative. Millions of people, especially younger people, bought the devices and the vials of product to use with them.. Vape shops and clubs abound. the idea of being able to smoke various things safely is pretty appealing to those who want to smoke for their own reasons. Unfortunately, the claims of safety seem to be entirely false. There have been many, many news stories lately of young people who vaped and became seriously ill with lung conditions or even died. Their families are sounding the alarm in an attempt to save other young people from similar fates.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who vape either regularly or occasionally but have not been harmed, what does this mean for you? It means that you have probably been lucky so far, but that your luck could run out at any moment. You may have escaped harm or you could be starting to develop a problem that is subclinical at this point. Every time you pick up your e-cigarette you may be playing Russian roulette. You would do well to quit immediately.

There are certainly many ways to quit vaping, as there are many ways to quit smoking regular cigarettes. In many ways, the two are analogous: there is still exposure to various harmful chemicals, there are some "addictive" aspects, and there is a level of habit involved It stands to reason, then, that the most effective method ever devised for quitting cigarettes would also be the most effective method for quitting e-cigarettes. That method is, of course, hypnosis. The comfort of quitting with hypnosis, combined with its long-term success, makes hypnosis the best option available. And remember, vaping can cause illness and even death quite quickly, so hypnosis can quite literally save your life.

For the most part. addiction and habit begin and can end in the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy allows us to get in better contact with that part of us and to tell it what we want and need. The job of the unconscious mind is to keep us alive and well and moving in good directions in our lives. its job is, therefore, to help us to get the results we want and need, and it is very powerful and can help us quite well..When you are ready to change your habits and remove any addictions, hypnotherapy would be a great way to do that.

You can either call me at 703-385-9311 (US phone code first if needed) or email me or simply hit the "book now" button on facebook if you're reading this there. You can also go to my website, and book either an online or in-person appointment.. Please feel free to ask any questions via email or text to my number. I look forward to helping you stop the dangerous habit of vaping TODAY!


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