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Smoke and Mirrors

This is the first in a ongoing series of posts where I talk about different reasons people decide to see a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is very useful in helping people with lots of issues, and today I will discuss one of the most well-known of these: smoking. Smoking is a habit that, as we all know, is dangerous to the smoker and everyone around him or her. It's also smelly and increasingly unpopular.

A common misconception about smoking is that it is a habit that is next to impossible to break. It is commonly believed to be harder to stop than heroin addiction. Nothing could be further from the truth! The physical "addiction" to tobacco, if you want to call it that, is gone in three days.

A big part of the physical "addiction" is manufactured by the companies that make cigarettes. This is done by manipulating the amount of the active drug, nicotine, in each cigarette and by the addition of two addictive substance, namely sugar and chocolate. Sugar is the only food the brain can eat, our brains crave it and actually need it. Often the desire for a cigarette is actually a need for a small amount of sugar. A tiny mint (Tic-Tacs in the US) contains enough sugar to meet any sugar need a cigarette would meet. Chocolate is actually addictive for human beings, we love it and crave it. The small amount in a cigarette (goodness knows cigarettes don't taste of chocolate!) is recognized and desired by the body. No, this is not a suggestion that you need to eat a ton of candy to quit smoking!

The psychological "addiction" is an area where hypnosis shines. By helping your unconscious mind to understand that you want to be a nonsmoker and that you can be one, we help change the idea that you need to smoke. After all, you were born a nonsmoker. While all hypnotherapists work differently, and all clients have different needs, we generally work with your individual motivations and beliefs about smoking to help your unconscious mind understand what you want now.

So, it is relatively easy and comfortable to quit smoking with hypnotherapy. It that's something you want to do, let's work together. You can go to my website,, go to Audio and get my pre-recorded Stop Smoking session. To book a personalized audio recording or video recording, or to work with me in person over a video chat system, or to book an in-person session at my office in Northern Virginia you can go to the appointments page at If you have any questions, please email me at Whatever you choose, you can stop that expensive and dangerous habit this week!


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