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Love Is Grand, or Is It?

I can't even begin to count the number of people who have come to see me because of issues in a relationship. It really doesn't matter their gender of sexual orientation, all kinds of people have concerns about their relationships. Personal relationships, including those with parents, children, romantic partners, and friends, can be fulfilling..They can also be sources of great distress.

From what I can observe in my practice, the distress can come from a number of sources. I have seen people whose families of origin are rude, dismissive, cruel, or just plain hateful toward my client for any one of a number of reasons, none of which are ever the individual's fault. I have seen parents whose children have learned to disrespect and be cruel to my client. I have seen people whose spouse or romantic partners have been abusive. Of course, the person I am getting the information from is the person who feels hurt and disrespected. The thing is, it doesn't matter if the abuse is "real" to other people, the person I am hoping to help feels pain. Clearly, there is some dysfunction that they don't like.

Please understand, I am not a relationship counselor and it isn't within my abilities (amazing though they are) to "fix" the other person. What I can do, and what I am happy to do, is to help my client understand what they are dealing with, and decide what they want to do about it. There are certainly behavior patterns we can change within their part of the relationship, but we can only address their part.

So, how can I, a hypnotherapist, help when I only have one half of the relationship in front of me? Hypnotherapy can help a great deal because it speaks directly with the unconscious mind. It is within our unconscious mind that we make our most basic choices and see what we would prefer to ignore. Remember, the unconscious mind makes a record of all of our experiences and makes absolute truth out of whatever we tell it. therefore, the unconscious mind knows long before the conscious mind what is happening and what we want to do about it. I can help provide a feeling of safety and comfort in which to choose to act.

Does action always mean leaving a partner or never speaking to a child again? Of course not, though it might well include setting clear boundaries I remind my clients that we teach others how to treat us unless they have serious personality disorders, so we can teach them a new way or relating if we choose. It sounds easier than it is, but it happens in my practice quite often.

Please make your appointment TODAY! You can call 703-385-9311, remembering that I am on the East coast of the United States. You can also email me at or use the Appointment button on my website or Facebook. I look forward to working with you very soon


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