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Dangerous Minds

Anyone who has read a newspaper or watched the TV news, or who has even watched any of the late-night TV talk shows, is aware that we have a public health crisis in America. No, it's not a virus or smoking, bad as those can be. It is hate. Men with guns in their hands and hate in their hearts and violence on their minds have killed thousands of people in 2019 alone. I won't state a number here because the number is probably going to be higher between the time I write this and the time you read it. These are terrifying times for all of us, but probably even more for members of targeted groups, especially children in those groups.

In times like these, our children try to make sense of things they cannot possibly understand. They just know they are afraid that someone they love might be killed, that they could even be killed themselves. We, as parents or teachers or just the adults in their world, need to do our best to help our children feel safe.My advice is not to lie, to tell them what we know and that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe. After you tell them this, actually do something you can show them. Write letters, march or attend rallies if you feel comfortable doing that, call your representatives and help your children to do the same if they want to do something like that. Beyond that, show them how you keep your home safe, develop rituals that are meaningful and practical..Educate yourself and your children about the causes of hate and work to change that culture wherever you can.

Of course, it is not just our children who are having a tough time with the hate and violence. Help yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, reduce stress where you can. See your hypnotherapist for more ideas on how to feel safe in your own life. The actions you do to show your children that you will do your best will help you as well.

And what if you, yourself are feeling the hate you see around you..Maybe you have never known or trusted people who don't look like you, as a result of your upbringing. Never fear, there is help for you as well. You can join activities where you will get to know a diverse group of people while doing something you enjoy, sports or movies or dancing or whatever you like. Please, also see your hypnotherapist, see me as soon as possible. Hate is based in fear, fear of the "other" even though you may never have identified it as such. Think about it. If I ask why you hate whomever you hate, you are likely to reply with an "I'm afraid" statement. Maybe you are afraid that someone will steal your job or you had heard that a certain group were dangerous. We can work with that, no worries. You will come to know that your fears are not based in reality and you will be surprised to see how fast they disappear, like soap bubbles you blew as a child.

So, whether you or your children are dealing with fear or you have fear that is turning (or has turned) to hate call me today at 703-385-9311 or email at or on my website, If you're reading this on Facebook you can use the "book now" button. I look forward to helping you address your fears and watch them float away. In the meantime, I send you peace.


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