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Does It Work

Most people ask a lot of questions when they find out I'm a hypnotherapist, and they ask even more when they find out I've been doing it for nearly a quarter of a century.The question they ask most, hands down, is, "Does it work?" Well, they short answer is yes, for a number of reasons.

The first reason hypnotherapy works has to do with the human mind. Our minds are very powerful. They have the power to create habits like smoking and hold onto them, so they have the power to change those habits. They have the power to convince us of ideas that are not true and have us react to those ideas, so they have the power to change our beliefs about ourselves and our potential. Sometimes we just need to ask.

Another reason hypnotherapy works is that hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which we are more able to follow suggestions that lead to what we want. An individual in hypnosis cannot be "made" to do things they would not normally agree to do. However, they can more readily accept new ways of doing what they want to do (such as quitting smoking) or new ways of thinking about an issue.

Before we get to the most interesting way in which hypnotherapy works, I'd like to share some statistics for the analytical minds among us. People try all kinds of therapies to help change a behavior or idea. Some try talk therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and some try hypnotherapy. Talk therapy produces a 36% change after 200 sessions. CBT produces a 76% change after 22 session. Six sessions of hypnotherapy produces a 96% change.

Now for that most interesting way in which hypnotherapy works, as promised. Hypnotherapy allows people to consciously remember experiences they had"forgotten" including where they put items they cannot locate. The unconscious mind makes a record of everything and hypnotherapy helps us access that record.

So, hypnotherapy can be a great choice for lots of reasons. that's why I named my practice and my Facebook page "Hypnotherapy Works." If hypnotherapy would be a great choice for an issue you want to resolve or a habit you want to change, check out my website, where you can choose from a number of pre-recorded sessions or select a more individual service. Let's get started!


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